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Finished a painting last night, the first one in a while.

Work has been out of control; I come in an hour early and leave an hour late, only to take work home with me to do at night. I did a magazine ad for a basketball shoe; it's going into production and everything. Had to work with a photographer and do a photo shoot. Somehow I've managed to continue working on my paintings in the scraps of time that I do get - I get up an hour early to paint in the morning, and then always do some more work before I go to bed at night. I'm left exhausted, but it's the only way.

This is the one I finished up last night. I curled the top edge over and tacked it onto the back, and I may or may not do the same to the bottom edge:

I finished this one last week. It's got an asphalt top-layer which has yet to dry completely. It'll probably take a month before it's hard. I've left the edges wild for now but will probably tidy them up at some point:

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