Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

These parts

It's been busy in these parts.

I finally got the new Sharkforum redesign up and now find myself as the System Administrator of the site. That's cool with me – I'm meeting a lot of cool people as a result; artists and other people related to the art world.

I hang out with my bird a lot. When I'm on my computer he plays on his rope toy, which is an enormous hoop thing with blocks, big beads and dice hanging off it that I've got suspended from a ladder near my desk (I have 3 ladders in here). When I make dinner he hangs out in the kitchen with me on the water faucet (it is long and tubular) and drinks water from the spout. He likes to sit on the back of the couch when I'm chilling out, too.

I named him Rommel after the German general, nicknamed the "Desert Fox", and the best strategic mind of World War II. And yes, it is a boy. I got the DNA test results in the mail and it came with a little certificate. I opened the letter together with Rommel because you know, it was a big deal for him to find out what he was. We had a little celebration of sorts.

I finished a new painting but I've misplaced my camera, which is frustrating. I'd like to get a photo of it up on my site; it's one of my best pieces thus far. In fact...I'm going to go hunt for my camera now...

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