Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Over the Thanksgiving break I deep cleaned and Feng Shui-ed my studio. I threw out a whole bunch of old junk that was taking up space, and made the slop-sink room in the back more usable. It was the "prosperity corner" according to my Feng Shui book, and was in a dire condition, as I'd been using the area as a storage space, allowing junk to pile up. Now the whole place feels better. My bathroom towels match. Old food long past the expiration date was pitched. I finally took care of all the little details that I typically let slide.

I got Rommel a giant manzanita branch to perch on when he's outside of his cage. It's attached to a base on wheels so I can move it from place to place, which is great. I hung toys all over it for him, so it looks vaguely like a really messed up christmas tree.

I got an actual Christmas tree too. It's metallic pink and 4 feet tall. Yay Christmas.

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