Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,


On Sunday evening the sun set and I forgot to close the blinds. It was around 5pm and I was at my computer when I heard a rustling outside the front windows. I looked up to see that there were roughly a dozen neighborhood kids staring in my studio windows with wide eyes and jaws dropped; I suppose it must have been strange to suddenly catch a glimpse of my odd, colorful little world. All the paintings that cover the walls and floor, my parrot sitting in his manzanita tree, the gramophone... When they saw me notice them one girl waved and yelled "will you paint ME???" I laughed and waved back, shaking my head. I paint abstract, what can I say? Embarrassed, I politely lowered the blinds. If it had just been a few I would have invited them in, but a dozen kids in here? That would have been nuts.


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