Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

I so this morning at 6:30 I was awakened by the sound of large sheets of paper moving around (the enormous sheets of paper I use for my paintings), and at first I believed it must be my bird flapping his wings causing things to blow around. But then I saw his dark silhouette – he was deep in sleep, perched up on his tree. I tried to peer into the darkness to see, but couldn't make anything out, so I got up and turned on the lights. All was still. There were a bunch of large sheets of paper that I'd dipped in paint a few days ago (to make cool drool-y patterns) stacked in a corner, so I lifted them all up one by one, trying to see if there was anything beneath. Finding nothing, I put it all up on my work table and went back to bed. I figured it must have just been a very vivid dream and that I had imagined the sounds. But then about 15 minutes later I heard something rustling the paper again, so I know it was real. So crap. I probably have a mouse in the house.

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