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My friends list is kind of sparse lately; a lot of people who used to post all the time don't seem to be updating as frequently now, so I'm trying to scout out some new people to add.

I did a search for users who list "contemporary art" as an interest, but I found that most of them (the English speakers, anyway) just kind of listed it as an interest and it's not really a part of their life. Then I searched for people who listed themselves as interested in "painting", but found all those journals to be generally written by a really young crowd with no real skill, or people who do comic book/pop culture type stuff, and not really the kind of hard-core/museum quality art that I'm looking for. Maybe artists just aren't very blog savvy. Or maybe they're hard at work in their studios.

The Russians are a different story, and I wish I could understand what they write. They've got the best contemporary art blogs! Really interesting stuff. I added a bunch of them as friends; I can at least look at the photos they post and appreciate what I see.

If anyone knows any real artists* out there please please please I beg you to send me their username!

And if you have someone on your friends list who's just plain fun/interesting to read, please send me their username too ;)

* ie, no hipsters who create funny cutsie things, no crafty diy-ers, no one who draws funny monsters in comic book/ pop culture style, no Sunday painters, etc.

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