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I found out that the gallery I'm having my April show at is changing location – to a BETTER location, that is. The landlord tried to raise the rent on them and they said No Thanks and found a better space only a few blocks away. W tells me the place is much larger, and that it can handle large-scale work, which is nice but too bad I wasn't psychic to know about it ahead of time and have a couple larger pieces to show.

Had a busy night. I've got three paintings going simultaneously, ONE of which is an oil painting. I've been doing these acrylic/paper/layered things for too long and I really need to change things up a bit. The new one is the best one I've done yet, but I still need to put it all aside for now and do something different. And I'll probably suck and fail a lot at first, but I'm cool with that because that's just the way it goes. With enough time and effort I'm sure I'll get somewhere interesting in the end.

I'm almost finished with the big square one propped against the wall. I just sanded down the rectangular piece on the floor there... and the small yellow one is the oil painting – I just put down the base-coat. I'll need to get the easel out tomorrow, and maybe I should put all the latex/acrylic paint cans back on the shelf to get them out of the way.... the place is kinda messy.


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