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Omissions + Revelations

The other artist I'm showing with at the April Eyeporium show called last night to tell me she won't have enough work finished to be included in the catalog, so she's going to have to back out of doing it. It's really too bad, because we have a great show theme and the work paired together packs a really good punch, but I also completely sympathize with her being crunched for time and not wanting to rush. I told her that I would design the book such that in the odd chance that she were to finish enough work in time we could easily place her back in, but that there was no pressure and it would not be a problem either way.

Good art happens at its own pace and there's no rushing it. Every time I've tried to push things forward at a faster pace I've been either disappointed by the results, or ended up starting over completely. So she is wise to know this and go at her own pace.

I called our writer, R, and explained the situation to her, and she was cool with the change of plan. Because my work is finished and photographed, and I was able to give R several pages of written material about it, she's much farther along with the portion that deals with my work.

Rather than give the book the show title ("Paper+Paint"), we came up with a separate book title, "Omissions + Revelations". It's similar to the show title, yet more specific to my work, so gives it a little separation.

R was at a bar, working away on the book, when I called (she told me the noise and bustle helps to keep her focused). It's really heartening to see how hard she's working to help me put this thing together, especially given that she works such long hours. She's a really great writer and I'm so lucky she's doing this for me.

Here's my latest effort, now completely finished:

mixed media on canvas

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