Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

The first day of spring

I went over to the gallery today and picked up a stack of postcards to distribute. I'd gotten a phone call from the artist I'm showing with earlier in the day and she'd described how unhappy she was with the new location. Having never been to the new place, I set off to check it out for myself. I was ready for the worst, but when I got there and looked around and saw the space first hand, I found that it wasn't half as bad as I'd imagined. Admittedly, there are brightly colored walls and Alice In Wonderland décor... but I don't think that will distract from the work too badly. I'd also hoped for the standard white walls and general serenity of the typical gallery, but what can we do. It might not be ideal, but I think we can make the best of it. While I was there talking to the owner, a man came in, picked up one of the cards for our show and inquired about it. I described the work to him and he seemed genuinely interested. "I'll have to be sure to come," he told me. "I collect art," he added as he $miled and put the card into his coat pocket. So yes, I think it will be a fine location for our show.

I walked home through the whipping wind and driving snow, purchasing $65 worth of parrot toys along the way. I don't make it out to the pet store very often, so when I do I buy in bulk. I cut through the metal scrap yard where the giant cranes with their metal claws lift and drop cars to their deaths.

Spring felt like it was a million miles away.


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