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We hung the show over at Eyeporium today and it looks fantastic. I'm really relieved that all the preparations and legwork are over; now I can just relax and promote the show.

It was strange to have everything down off my studio walls.

L came over in her truck and we loaded it up with paintings. Then we picked up M and her work, and drove over to the gallery. The installation took a couple hours, and it looks great.

M's work and mine work really well paired together, and I'm glad we got the opportunity to do this show. Here are M (with the pink scarf) and A, the gallery owner:

It's strange being in my studio now that the walls are bare. But it's okay. I may be packing up everything to move soon anyway, so maybe it's best that the artwork is elsewhere, safe and sound. I'm kind of hoping that it all sells so I don't have to move it with me to Hamburg. It would be really helpful if I could unload it all before I go.
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