Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

The big Rommel question

A question that seems to keep coming up lately is "Are you going to take Rommel with you?" Which is odd to me, because of COURSE I am taking him with me. He's brought me so much happiness and I love having him so much, I could never leave him behind. He's a key part of my life now.

He's always with me when I'm at home – up in his tree or hanging out on the couch with me, and he sits on my back when I take naps or sleep late, which I find comforting. (Sometimes, when it was cold during the winter, he would sleep under the blanket with me which was sooo cute. It never occurred to me that he might want to do that until W (who has 5 parrots), told me his birds do it all the time, which made me laugh until I cried because the mental picture of him cuddled up with a bed full of birds is just too much)

Before I got Rommel I really thought about it a long time, knowing that it was a huge commitment – he'll live as long if not longer than I do! – and I'm not going to toss him off because it may be inconvenient to bring him with me to Hamburg. I'm bringing him with me!

People must be thinking of the insane quarantine laws that the UK and Hawaii have. It's like 6 months or something, which would be really hard. But I'm not moving to an island, so it's not as big of an issue, and Rommel won't be stuck in any quarantines. What I DO need to do is get a certificate of health from a vet within 10 days of our departure, and I can easily do that. I'll also need to get an airline regulation travel carrier that will go under the seat in front of me, like a piece of luggage:

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights that go from Chicago to Hamburg, so we'll have to transfer planes, but I'm going to do my best to make his journey as stress free as I possibly can. There are a lot of great websites that outline in detail how to fly with a parrot, and I think we'll do just fine.

I wonder if people there will find his name offensive... or if they will think it's strange if they overhear me talking to my bird. "Hallo Rommel! OOOOooooo cutie pie! Mein kleines ROMMEL..."

I'm going to have a bi-lingual pet omg

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