Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

I'm still a Hamburger

The Hamburg office has extended my stay for yet another week, which is awesome. I kind of hope they keep asking me to stay until they realize they just need to hire me and have done with it.

To be honest, the thought of returning to Chicago fills me with a certain amount of dread. I miss my friends and Rommel, but I've been keeping up with all the work emails from the Chicago office and Christ I'm glad I'm over here and not there. And then there's the emptiness that fills my heart when I think of returning to my old life. It's a life I'd very much like to put behind me so I can move on and do bigger and better things. Chicago is a dead end for me.

While I was out wandering the city earlier today I encountered some absolutely fabulous paintings hanging on the walls of a clothing store. They were BIG and bold and totally fresh. I asked one of the sales girls where they'd come from and who had painted them, and she took me over to the owner of the store, an elegant older man wearing a very dapper suit. He was happy to talk about them with me, and even though his English was not very good, my German has improved a lot, and we were able to communicate without too much trouble. He gave me the address of a gallery not far from the harbor, so I set off to get there before it got too late.

I found the gallery without any trouble – it was right along the harbor – and I looked around at the current exhibition, which consisted of about 30 drawings, half of which had apparently sold. And that was what stood out the most to me: the fact that people had actually come in and BOUGHT art rather than just coming in and LOOKING at it. No one buys art in Chicago, they just look.

I talked to the gallerist for a while. She was really cool and told me about the other galleries in Hamburg, and marked some down on my map so I could find them. YAY

A guy I work with here wants to introduce me to one of his friends who is an artist and shows work in galleries. Apparently he does interactive art with video cameras and stuff.

For now I'm going to take a shower and head out to the clubs. There's one that's in an old bunker... how cool is that?? I've got to check it out.

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