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The dance club at the old German bunker was great, and I danced my ass off. I got there at midnight when it opened, and watched people trickling in, which I always love to do – just sit back, relax and people watch until the good dancing starts. Apparently I stood out, because one of the DJ's came up to me while I was sitting there having my first beer and struck up a conversation with me. He was a very friendly and cool guy, although he was an Italian who knew a little more German than I do (but not much more)... and no English... so we were two people struggling to speak in German, which was actually kind of funny. Then the good music kicked in and I got up on the dance floor. And Woo hoo! People were taking my photograph and everyone wanted to talk to me. But that seems to happen every time I go out dancing in Germany – I'm not entirely sure why that is, if it's my hair/makeup/clothes or because I'm an American woman who's bold enough to go out alone in a foreign country or what. But everyone was super nice and I had a great time.

Got home at around 5am and slept until 1pm. Got up, showered, and went to get some Portuguese food at a place down the street. I walked along the Alster river, and then over to a big park where everyone was out catching some sun. I re-hydrated myself with a Fanta and walked around all the various gardens.

Ice cream is a really big deal over here. It's like the official midday snack or something. There are ice cream vendors everywhere – you can't go a couple blocks without running into one. And it's not like the dudes pushing the carts we have in Chicago; it's real, fresh ice cream, like you'd get at Baskin Robins, except better. So I got my daily ice cream cone on the way back from the park (strawberry).

Had some pasta and red wine for dinner at my favorite cafe, Gnosa. The waiters are all extremely gay and absolutely fabulous – I love it.

Hamburg is starting to feel like home. I kind of hate this tiny little hotel room, though. It's a little too "nice" and generic for my taste. I'm going to have to hang some posters on the walls or something if I have to stay here much longer! The room service is still a massive plus, though. +++++
I <3 room service! But I miss my studio and I really wish I could be working on my art. Not to mention cuddling my bird and kissing his little beak. Ich vermisse mein kleines Rommel!

Ok, now I'm gonna to go wash my clothes in the bathroom sink. yay hotel livin'

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