Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

He's started to talk...

A couple weeks ago I was in the kitchen putting together a salad and Rommel was at the front of the studio, yelling his little head off at something outside the window. When he wants to be loud he can be REALLY loud, and I got worried that the neighbors were going to get pissed. So after he'd been carrying on for about five minutes without any sign of stopping, I stopped what I was doing in the kitchen and walked right up to him so my nose was touching his beak. He immediately became silent, and then after a pause, he quietly said, "Hello."

I just about died laughing because it was such a funny moment, and the first thing he'd ever clearly said.

Then last weekend I slept late on Saturday morning, and woke to Rommel tugging my blanket off of me, saying, "come on!" over and over.

Pretty damn cute.
Tags: rommel

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