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A couple weeks ago I asked W to take me through the process he uses to build the huge, sturdy canvases he paints on, and he agreed.

The plan is that I'm going to build two big canvases for him, one primed with acrylic gesso, and the other with oil primer. So yesterday after work I met up with him and we went over to Home Depot where he showed me what kind of wood to use, and how to select it; no big knots in the center, and absolutely no warping. I had to go through the entire stack to find just 12 boards that met his standards. We loaded it into the truck and brought it back to the studio where we laid it flat on the ground. Pretty exhausting work, hauling wood around like that.

In a week from Monday we're going to do the cutting and then on Wednesday we'll do the construction. I really like this arrangement because I'm learning something extremely valuable, and he really likes it because he can sit back and let someone else do the work.

It's win-win.

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