Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

The present and the future

I took today off from work (as well as tomorrow and Wednesday) to patch up my soul and continue learning how to build mammoth sized canvases from scratch over at W's studio.

I had never used a table saw before, so it was a new experience for me. We cut the #2 pine 1"x8" boards in half (length-wise) with a 20 degree bevel, and then cut a big sheet of Luan plywood into the triangular pieces that brace the corners. So now, with all the wood cut, on Wednesday we're going to reconvene to do the carpentry.

It took me a quite a while to get through the giant stack of boards, but now I feel pretty comfortable using a table saw, and like I could do this again if I were to get a saw for myself (which is something I plan to do in the next year or two, when my existing supply of stretcher bars runs out).

When I got home I did some work on the four paintings I've got going right now. It's a slow process... I've been layering them up for a month, and they're no where near ready to have their surfaces worked. Maybe in a few weeks, but for now they're still too thin. With all the paintings I'm working on simultaneously as well as the paper I have to prep for future layers, my studio is getting pretty difficult to walk around in.

As for my future plans.... I'll be leaving for Berlin on July 29th and returning to Chicago on August 14th. I'm going to start emailing companies this week to set up some interviews for while I'm over there. I'm hoping to get as many in as possible, and I'm going to ask my Hamburg boss to write a letter of recommendation for me, which I think would significantly help me get my foot in the door.

In September (since it looks like I'm still going to be here in Chicago this September) I'm drawing up plans to have an art opening at my studio with my friend Dana, who is an amazing photographer. I figure I'll just move my crap into the back storage area, clean the place up, and it'll look just like any other gallery here in the city. I'm hoping I can have all the new paintings finished by then, although I know it's a pretty ambitious goal. Still, it's something to aim for.
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