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Parrots and moles

Last night I trained my parrot to lay on his back in my hand. It involved flipping him over quickly in a manner such that he wouldn't freak out, and supporting him by holding his feet and then cradling his back in my hand. He happily endured this repeatedly in exchange for sunflower seed treats. I'm also training him to "wave" to me with his foot. I think Rommel really enjoys our little training sessions. Last night he didn't seem to want to leave my shoulder, so I let him stay up there, and when I went to bed he just moved from my shoulder to my back and slept on my back.

I've got these two little mole on my cheek that have been there forever and I've been thinking about having them removed. They look like they could be zits or something, and I wish they were gone. But rather than make an appointment with a dermatologist like a normal person, I looked around online for alternative ways to remove them. A bunch of sources recommended using apple cider vinegar or garlic oil to remove moles, so I got myself some apple cider vinegar and I'll let you know if it works. I'm a little skeptical myself, but I'm too curious to not give it a shot...

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