Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Sunflower seeds

Today I walked over to Home Depot to get some cans of white and black paint, and on my way there I walked past a man sitting on a milk crate by the expressway off-ramp. He was holding a sign, begging for money from the cars going by. As I passed him I saw he was holding out his hand to a pigeon. The pigeon didn't seem afraid of the man, and was only a foot or two away from him, curious. I walked a few paces further, thought to myself for a moment, and then turned back.

"Are you trying to be friends with that bird?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I used to have a bird that I trained to go up on my finger."

I dug around in my pocket and pulled out a handful of sunflower seeds. I had put them in my pocket earlier in the day when I was playing with Rommel.

"Here," I said and poured my handful of seeds into his hand, "It'll like these a lot I bet."

He was really surprised and grateful. "I've been trying to use grit," he told me and held up his other hand to show me a couple crumbs of grit. "But I bet it'll like the seeds a lot better."

I gave him a couple bucks, too, simply because he had the heart to befriend a pigeon along the side of the expressway.

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