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S2 = not as easy as pie

Has anyone on here built an LiveJournal layout in S2 from scratch? I'm reading through the documentation, which is helping, but any advice or pointers would be much appreciated. S1 was easy as pie (a lot like MovableType), but S2 seems to be based in a different language. I'll figure it out eventually though, once I've read through everything and experimented for a while.

I'm hoping this weekend can be quiet and meditative. I may be going out Saturday night, but aside from that I'd like to clean my studio and focus on my paintings. On Monday I'll be building canvases over at W's studio again. I'm getting more and more comfortable working with all the power tools and saws. It was freaky at first, and I'd go over there thinking, "it's as good a day as any to lose a finger." But now I'm seeing that I don't need to be afraid, just careful, and that I'm actually pretty good with the table and mitre saws. The pneumatic nail gun is a pure joy to use, and I go along lickity-split, nailing boards together with a speed I've never known before. I wish I had saws and a nail gun of my own, but I don't want to make any big purchases until I've set myself up in Germany...I don't want to have to haul a giant air compressor across the ocean with me.

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