Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

The new jacket

My new jacket arrived today and it's perfect. They've made very few updates to the design since the 70's when my old one was made, which made me happy. It's fascinating to me to see them side by side, one  at the end of it's life and the other at the beginning. The old one was like a second skin, and fit like a glove, but the new one is stiff and needs to be broken in big time. I wonder how long I'll have to walk around in a stiff, dorkily new looking leather jacket before it achieves some contours and patina.

It's the same brand and style/cut as the jacket that Marlon Brando wore in The Wild One: Schott's Perfecto 618. Schott is a small family business based in New York and they were super nice on the phone when I called to figure out if I had a 618 or a 613. It was so old that most of the defining features had worn away.

Edited to add: Ooo! I just discovered that there's an inside pocket! Hell yes.

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