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I just clicked through this interesting slideshow presentation about social media and it really impressed upon me the enormous number of people using Facebook and Twitter today.

I had a Twitter account for a few years but only posted a handful of times*. I didn't really "get" it... why would anyone care about my pointless little updates? "I am tired." "I am still at work." "I feel uninspired." A lot of people seem to really like Twitter, though.

I don't really "get" Facebook either, and while I do use it every now and than, I never feel like spending any real time there. It's too shallow and full of advertising. I get this creeping feeling that it's actively trying to steal time from me because there's nothing redeeming in it – it's just a sh!tload of people all crying out to be noticed and acknowledged. At least, that's how I interpret my "Friends Wall" (or whatever it's called) when it loads on the screen before me.

But getting back to Twitter. I'm curious about it and wonder if I gave it enough of a chance. I feel like I've really tried to like Facebook and just don't, but I never really spent any time trying with Twitter. So I just set up a new account and am following a bunch of art-related stuff. Seems interesting enough, but I still don't feel compelled to post anything.

Poll #1596171 Twitter

Do you have a Twitter account?

I did, once upon a time

Do you like Twitter?

I neither love it nor hate it
No opinion
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*I deleted the account last year during one of my "I hate social media" episodes.
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