Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Things I see

I've been taking photographs along the way, of course.

Behold! The amazingly narrow, chartreuse bathroom of the apartment where I am staying:

And the cozy kitchen. There is no faucet at the sink, merely a tube from a heater in the wall (I love this kind of rustic living):

I found this chair (as well as the environment it was placed in) to be an awesome, random bit of street art:

Another beautiful example of the graffiti that blankets the entire city:

Someone must have been unhappy with their dentist bill ("Zahnarzt" means "Dentist"):

One of the installations at the Berlin Biennale featured free, wandering chickens:

This installation piece featured a room so brilliantly white that you couldn't see a damn thing. It was like looking into a white sheet of paper, and very disorienting to walk around in:

Finally, this is one of the many wonders City Toilets that can be found here. You pay .50 Euro and the doors open up like a space ship. The lights turn on and pleasant music plays. It's a very nice experience. Upon exit, the doors of the bathroom capsule close and the structure emits sounds of mechanical cleaning occurring. It is extremely cool, and I wish we had these in Chicago:

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