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Gotta love how non-English speakers use English, lol. This place's name made me laugh because it's just so to-the-point:

I spent yesterday at the Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art. In this piece, titled something like, "Today I might go to work, or I might not", the artist disassembled a MacBook Pro and hung every single piece on the wall. I happen to have a MacBook Pro, so it was interesting to see something so familiar all in pieces (I wasn't too impressed with it as a work of art, though):

I thought this piece was cool. The artist had built an intense network of copper pipes running all throughout the rooms of the exhibition hall, ending up here with a block of salt on a little table, and a pillow and some bedding on the floor beneath. Water dripped intermittently from the copper pipe onto the salt block, which had gradually spread salt water onto the floor, which the pillow and bedding had then absorbed. The salt had crystallized beautifully on the floor and bedding:

I found this interesting little gem of conversation on the bathroom stall at the exhibition space:

And you know, it's a completely valid question. Why is there so much boring art? Definitely not all, but some of the stuff I saw at the biennale had me wondering the same damn thing. I mean, there was a video piece where a woman and her mother re-enacted her birth. So there's this naked 30-something year old woman laying on her mom in a fetal position under the mom's nightgown, and I kept feeling sorry for the mother, who didn't look comfortable at all with her grown daughter laying on her like that. The woman laid on top of her for forever, dramatically waiting for the right minute to "birth" herself, and I completely lost interest and walked away. I mean, seriously, wtf.

Incidentally, the bathroom where the above was written was right beside the area where this video piece was playing. Probably not a coincidence.

Wish me luck today – my interview is in three hours! :)
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