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Because my interview was rescheduled, I spent the day over at the Oranienplatz branch of the Berlin Biennale. I left around 6, had dinner, and then walked home.

While I was out walking, I finally discovered where the artists have been hiding their studios. They're in the courtyards – the "Hof"! Once I figured that out I walked into every Hof I could get into, just to see what was there.

Retarded foreigner moment of the day: I got an awesomely big ice cream cone from the Eis vendor inside the Alexanderplatz station. It was hazelnüss und vanille, and I was really enjoying it – I'd wanted one all morning. I went downstairs with it and my train pulled up, so I got on. I walked in all happy as a clam with my great big ice cream cone and walked down the car and stood by a pole because there were no seats available.

But then I noticed that everyone was looking at me with these big saucer eyeballs and I wondered wtf?? Was there something wrong? Did they all want my ice cream cone or something? And then I noticed a poster directly beside me of a cartoon woman eating an ice cream cone (with spatters of food dripped all over her) and there were big words across it that read (in German) "Eating Food is Forbidden on this Train"

oh mein Gott.

I immediately got off the train at the next stop and waited until I was finished with my ice cream cone before I boarded another train and continued on my journey. How uncouth of me...lesson learned!
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