Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Message from Berlin

I got this email from my placement agent in Berlin:

I talked with S today. 
He thinks that you are a great designer and that he would like to work with you. 
On the same side they are a bit concerned about that you don't have a working visa and that will take until December 2010 to get you on.
I am about to find out what it's the quickest and easiest way to get the visa.
Do you have any ideas?
S as well is a bit afraid of the costs they might have.
Make sure that hiring you won't cost any extra money and that you pay your move.
If they would like to do a trail project you should over them to come over to Berlin to do it - even if you have to pay for the flight. Only if that is ok for you!
Anyway, we should really make it happen ;-) 
I am looking forward to your feedback.

Thank God! When I didn't hear anything for over a week I was beginning to fear that they had decided against me.
Tags: berlin or bust

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