Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

The Rommel situation

I called the international pet moving service this morning and spoke to a woman about my situation. With all the fees, permits, vet services and shipping costs, it's going to cost me around 3 grand to move Rommel to Berlin, which I am okay with. With the research I've done I have found that it would probably cost me that much if I were to try to do everything myself, so it's not an unfair amount.

When I got my bird I made a commitment to care for him for as long as we both shall live, so the little guy is coming with me no matter what. The "Animals Away" woman is going to send me a list of information they're going to need to start the CITES permit application process, which may take up to 90 days. I'm so glad someone else is going to deal with this. It is seriously worth every penny to me.

The reason why it's going to cost so much is because Rommel is an exotic, endangered, non-domesticated species, and there are strict international laws that protect and prohibit the trafficing of these sorts of animals. Thus all the permits, experts, governmental (on both sides) involvement and red tape. It's going to make my life more difficult for the time being, but if it weren't for these laws a lot of animals would probably be extinct right now, so I'm not going to complain.

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