Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Ich bin ein icicle

Today I went to a big German government building (the Tiergarten Rathaus) and "registered" myself here. In order to do this I had to fill out a form and have my landlord sign it to prove that I'm living here. The woman I'm renting from is very nice, but speaks limited English and was reluctant to put her name on the form. Thankfully, she finally relented.

To celebrate my registration I went over to the big Christmas market at Alexanderplatz and had a steaming, hot mug of Glühwein (whenever I hear or read that word it translates in my brain to "glue wine"). I drank my Glühwein and wandered around, checking out all the vendor's wares until my toes got so cold I couldn't feel them.

I wish I wasn't sick with a cough/cold. I've generally been staying in, trying to keep myself from getting worse, drinking loads of herbal tea and eating garlic-y food. It doesn't help that it's freezing cold outside and that I've been running around in the snow trying to take care of all my "alien issues." I bought a new hat today that covers my ears, a hot water bottle for my feet at night and some sheepskin slippers. The apartment where I'm staying is drafty and I don't have any sweaters... I hate being cold so I always blasted the heat in my studio and gladly paid the enormous gas bill. I like to keep it around 79, which I know is nuts, but whatever. I'd rather be comfortable than running around juggling hot water bottles while wearing extra layers of wool and slipping all over the place in sheepskin slippers. Yet, here I am, so I'll just go with the flow.

I'll be glad to have my own place again, though.

I went to view a studio yesterday but the place was a dark little hole. It was super cheap, but I don't want cheap, I want a place that's a big open space with great light and generally "incredible" in every way. I'll pay top dollar euro, I don't care.


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