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I just went to see the studio with the coal ovens and I'm 95% sure I'm going to take it. It was in an artist run building/coop thing and was just such a great atmosphere that I think it would be wrong not to take it. I feel like I could make some contacts there amongst the other tennants and get involved in the art scene a lot easier than if I lived somewhere else. I found a place listed online that is almost a clone of the studio I had in Chicago and part of me feels like I should go with what is easy. But the louder part of me is telling me not to do what is easy. I would rather live an interesting life than an easy life.

There are a couple other reasons why I think the coal oven place would be better for me

For one, it's completely furnished, even with sheets and pillows, and the other places I've been looking at lack even basic things (like ovens, refrigerators) and given the fact that it never seems to stop snowing here, I think it would be better to put off shopping for furniture and appliances until the spring, when I have to move out and find a new place anyway.

And second, every where else I've looked they want to see proof of employment, references from your previous landlord, financial history, etc, etc. This is tricky for me right now because I don't have a German bank account, I've never rented in Germany before, and I don't have my work visa yet. But the cool thing about the coal ovens place is that it doesn't have all of this red tape.

Ok, I'm going to go try to get some German health insurance now. Wish me luck!

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