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Guatemala: State of Siege

My mother emailed me today, informing me that my aunt and uncle, who teach at an American school in Guatemala* (a school where American expats, and anyone else who wants, can send their kids for a traditional American education, taught by American teachers) have come back to the States, barely escaping with their lives. Apparently, Guatemala has announced a state of siege in the area where my aunt and uncle were, and the military can basically do whatever they want. Somehow they were able to pack up all of their belongings and get out, thank God. My uncle told my mother that it had been a very, very close call and they were lucky to have escaped with their lives. I'm dying to hear the whole story - it must have been really intense for them. Unfortunately, they have lost their jobs as a result, and have now joined the ranks of the unemployed.

* I'm not the only one with wanderlust in my family! My mother's cousin has lived in Columbia for over 20 years, and my aunt and uncle have been all over the world, teaching at American schools in Peru, Jordan, Korea, and now Guatemala. In Jordan they taught the King's daughter, which is pretty awesome.

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