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Das Leben ist Kein Pony Hof

That's what the sign outside said and I believe it (I would translate it as "life is no pony yard"). And I couldn't agree more, but right now it does kind of feel like the world is my oyster. I mean, I'm sitting in a great cafe in Berlin, with a good job and an iPad, looking for the apartment of my dreams. Things really couldn't be better for me right now.

This morning I called around and tomorrow I'll be looking at two apartments that I think would be perfect for me. I'm just so damn proud that I arranged the viewings in German and they understood me. That's a big step forward. I mean, every phone call that I make here is like a pop quiz in German for me, so if we understand each other it's kind of great.

Today I ran a bunch of errands. I picked up the Laibach tickets that I ordered online, and I got a protective case for my iPad. Plus I made a bunch of phone calls auf Deutsch, which was the big hurdle for me. Buying things is no problem, but communicating with people is.

For instance, there is a guy sitting opposite me but he does not speak English so good. We communicate alright - he is 30 so I am too old I suppose. But whatever. We are going to meet for coffee in a few days, name is Mark. On Wednesday I'll be hanging out with Fabian, and I'm looking forward to that.

Next week I'll be interviewing the artist Willi Tomes, who does _amazing work_ - I saw it in the window when I was going to get my hair done. I spoke to the gallery owner, and now I have an interview set up with the artist. It's pretty cool to be writing for a blog now (in case you didn't know, the blog is - I redesigned it). Everyone in the art scene welcomes me here, excited to have an international audience. No one in Chicago gave a crap if I was going to write about them because I was no one there. But artists in Deutschland are really excited at the prospect of reaching an American audience. It's really cool.

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