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Skype is my pillow talk

Looks like I won't be signing my lease until NEXT Monday - I thought we'd be doing it today, but the agent was all, "are you kidding? I'm not working for a week!" Really different from Chicago, where you jump on everything ASAP and never put off until tomorrow what you could get done today. It's crazy to me, but I can't say I don't like it. This relaxed attitude is the stuff myths are made of to me.

I walked along Danziger Strasse to a little fish/aquarium store and spent a long time watching the fish swim around in their tanks. I've been fascinated with the the idea of raising koi lately, but since I don't have a lawn with a pond, I don't think I'll be doing that any time soon. Maybe someday. Today it was just nice to watch the fish interact with each other and glided through the water.

Last night I had a difficult time falling asleep and found myself, at 3 in the morning, on Skype with my brother and his kids. It was really fun to talk to them all, and my nephews thought it was great that I was "on TV" talking with them. And it occurred to me that never again will I endure my insomnia alone, because when it's the middle of the night here, it's prime Internet surfing time for all my friends back home. So not only did I have Skype conversations with my brother, but also two other friends throughout the course of the night. It was great.

Tomorrow I will be moving to my interim residence, over in Prenzlauerberg, and I can't wait. It will be SOooo good to get out of where I currently am and into a better environment. Although, I will miss Schnoopy the cat, most definitely. She was the one little element that made the place feel warm and fuzzy. Last night I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and I saw something in the mirror move on the shelf behind me. Schnoopy! She is always where you would never imagine, and you only notice her long after she's noticed you.

I bought some more clothes today, an orange sweater and a warm black&white striped shirt. When I moved I had to get rid of three large garbage bags full of clothes, so I need to replace the things I had to leave behind. I think I have enough now that I won't be cycling through the same four outfits at work... I've got about a week's worth of nice work clothes, and I can always mix and match.

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