Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Big day

It's my first day of school! work! I'm all dressed up in new clothes and so excited to go. My lawyer told me that my work visa hasn't entirely cleared yet, but probably will some time today. So I guess I'm not going to do any real work JUST yet, but I figure I can at least touch base with everyone at the office and set up my computer. You know, get things ready for when I finally do get the legal green light.

This evening I have an appointment to sign the lease for my new apartment! Once I've signed that piece of paper I'll finally be all set and can start settling into my new life here. Already I am fantasizing about the nice soap that I will put in the bathroom, and the plant that I will put in the kitchen window. I'll be sad to leave the place where I'm staying, though. After the French woman I thought I'd never want to have roommates ever again, but the guys I'm currently staying with are so full of life and positive energy that I actually seriously thought about it when Paulo asked me if I'd want to stay here until March.

Ok, gotta run!

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