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I started work last week and I'm finally in the swing of things and demonstrating my worth. Two girls who are on my team messaged me and told me how happy they were to work with me and that the boss had commented on how well the three of us worked as a team. It felt really good to hear that. Also, I'm the one who leads all the presentations now, given that I can articulate our concepts, etc. in English better than anyone else on the entire creative team. I throw big words around for fun. It's a damn good thing I honed my presentation skills last year... prior to that I would always stutter and get cross-eyed and feel like I was going to throw up. You know, nerves.

Today I have a cough that won't go away, so I went to Schlecker and the Apotheke to stock up on cough remedies. I got an herbal tea, some terrible tasting throat lozenges (although I have actually stopped coughing, now that I'm sucking on one), and some Meditonsin, which is a homeopathic remedy. Hopefully something here will work and I'll be cough free soon.

On the apartment front, I'm still living in the rented room with the Italians. I emailed my real estate agent this afternoon and asked him if he could give me any details or updates on the apartment that I signed a contract for (no money transaction yet, though), and he wrote back that on Monday he handed all of my paperwork over to the manager of the building where I am going to live, and that she would from now on be my contact. He included her email address in the message, so I emailed her and asked her if she could send me any news. Hopefully she'll get back to me soon and let me know when I can get the keys and where I need to send my money. I've only got this room until Saturday, so if I can't move to my new place this weekend I'll have to make further housing arrangements so I'm not left out in the cold. I can't tell you how happy I'm going to be when I finally have the keys to my own apartment in my hand.

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