Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Beer bottles can give you cash

It's weird being a LEADER now. After I got briefed on a new project at work today I talked to the project manager for a little bit and she told me that my team has expressed that they love working with me because I actually listen to their ideas and work with them instead just tell them what to do/fix/change/correct. I was glad to hear this because that's exactly the kind of manager I'd like to be – someone who facilitates and guides and lets people do what they do best. And it's great because the people on my team are hard workers and super talented. We're going to make some great stuff.

My apartment situation continues to be elusive, although today I got an email from my new contact telling me to call the building maintenance man to arrange a time to pick up the keys. I did this and he was surprised that I wanted to move in so soon. He told me he didn't have a set of keys available for me yet, but asked that I call back on Monday. So I've extended my stay here with the Italians another week, and hopefully by next weekend I'll finally be able to move to my new place. I can't believe this apartment situation has taken so long – I thought for sure I would have a place to call my own by now.

I'm staying in tonight and not doing anything special this weekend. I'm in a holding pattern, or at least that's how it feels. At least the job is going really well. In the first week of February they're going to fly me and a few coworkers to Zurich to hang out with the clients face to face, which should be cool.

I continue to learn new things the longer I am in Germany. Yesterday I discovered that I can get money back for returning bottles at the grocery store. You put them through a hole in the wall and a little computer below the hole tabulates how much money you get back. This is great! I have a big bag with tons of beer bottles that I've been collecting to recycle, and tomorrow I'm going to haul them over to the grocery store. I'm hoping I can get enough back in deposits to pay for breakfast. We shall see... :)

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