Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

The good news: I just got through the entire onlne application for internet and telephone and it went through without a hitch!

The bad news: The installation date is February 21.

Thank God there's an Internet Cafe/Spätkauf across the street from me...

In other news, yesterday I went back to Ikea and got a comfy chair to sit on, which is a huge awesome thing for me, in that it means I no longer have to sit on the floor. Hooray for chairs! My place is actually starting to look kind of cozy, and last night I unpakced the hot plate and made a big pot of delicious stew for dinner. It was great. I hung the antique mirror in my bathroom and it classes the place up by +300.

One of thes days I'd like to get some curtains so everyone in the buildings across from me don't have the Sarah Show forced in their faces every night. Although, I do get the Neighbor Show, which is kind of interesting.

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