Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Giant sundae of lunacy

I'm having a hard day today.

The shipping company that's handling the shipment of my things has been running into difficulties. They emailed me yesterday and told me that in order to import my things they will need:

• A detailed packing list of everything that is in every box that I packed (which I don't have – I wrote the contents of each box on the box itself, and that will have to suffice)
• A copy of my passport
• A letter from my previous employer stating that I worked in the United States for more than one year
• Proof from the German authorities that I live at my current address

My to do list is getting out of control, and on top of everything I need to deal with over here, I have to figure out some way to get in touch with AT&T in the US because they claim I never discontinued my service and believe that I owe them $400 – when I try to deal with them online I run into a message that tells me, "functionality temporarily unavailable". The gas company has continuing to withdraw large monthly gas payments from my bank account as if I never discontinued my gas service, too. I'm so angry about it I could chew glass. I'll have to go to one of those international call places and sit in a cramped booth to clear this all up.

And today it occurred to me that I need to do my US taxes soon. Christ.

Not having an internet connection at home is the cherry on top of this giant sundae of lunacy. I wish my old life would just leave me ALONE and let me get on with my new life.

At least I received word that my kitchen sink and stove are ready for delivery. I need to set that up tomorrow. To do to do to do to do to do

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