Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

One of these days I'd really like to check this place out. I hear it's not very hard to get to.

My internet is scheduled to be turned on this Monday, at which time my web black-out can finally end. I don't really have time at work to check messages or write anything (this is a rare moment), so I've been really out of the loop. More than one friend has written a WTF email wondering why they haven't heard from me.

I FINALLY was successful in registering my new address at the Bürgeramt. I was also finally able to get my Lohnsteuerkarte. Thank F'n God.

I bought a new washing machine on Wednesday and it's being delivered tomorrow morning. This fills me with great joy, and I'll probably spend the day doing load after load of laundry to celebrate.

My kitchen is finally finished (the walls are painted and it's totally pimped out with shelves, pots, pans, food, etc), and I'm working on my living room now, painting the walls. My things from Chicago are scheduled to arrive some time in early March, and I'd like to have my place in good order by then. I still no bed or place to put my clothes, so I'm essentially still living out of my two suitcases. I really can't wait to have everything set up so I can just live my life and not have to deal with all this meta stuff.

I've made the difficult decision to give up the idea of bringing Rommel over here with me. I emailed back and forth with a bird expert and they strongly recommended that I not put Rommel through the stress of an international move, and she encouraged me to find a new bird over here. That and the fact that it would cost me $4000 to bring him were the deciding factors.

I hear he's really happy where he is right now, over at W's studio. Aparently he pals around with the Chihuaua a lot, and has taken to riding around on W's shoulder. W has always loved Rommel and voluntered to adopt him several times, so I don't feel like I'm dumping my bird on someone, leaving them with a burden. Plus, one of W's birds (the golden conure) died last month, so Rommel's presence will actually keep the parrot population stable over there.

I'm not going to rush out and get a bird right away, but it is something that I will do eventually, once I feel like my life here has stabalized and I'm sure I can provide a comfortable environment for a bird.

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