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I'm getting there slowly.

The main problem I'm dealing with right now is space. The company that rented my place to me lied about how big it was, so when I signed the lease I thought it was much larger than it actually is. They did this to try to slip me a higher rent without me noticing. But of course, I noticed.

I'm dealing with lawyers now, and I'm also dealing with trying to fit all of my newly delivered things into my place. I've had to put up shelving all over the place, which really sucks given the fact that the walls are all brick and mortar under the plaster. It's taken a lot of time and I've gone through a couple drill bits.

In lew of painting I've made my home the work of art I'm currently focused on. I need to have good surroundings to be able to create good things; if the place is all junked up and chaotic my head gets filled with noise and I can't think. So naturally my first instinct was to organize and bring order to the mess.

But my studio is almost cleared out, finally. I just need to dispose of all the cardboard boxes, and then I can finally start building some canvases and get to work.

I've hired a studio assistant/odd-jobs guy to come in and help me with things that I either have no clue how to do or just don't have the time fore. He's going to come by this weekend to fix some wiring and put my bike together. I might have him build a lofted space in my hallway to store my old paintings, but we'll see. There's so much to do.

Some photos:

My walk to work takes me along a river that leads to the Spree. There's some kind of bohemian trailer park along the way where all of the trailers have solar panels on the roofs and all of the trailers are brightly painted. There's a sign by the main entrance that says something to the effect of "welcom to our eutopia". I have the feeling that as the weather gets warmer I'll see more of the people who frequent/live in this strange place, and one of these days I'm going to ask them what they're all about.

Last week I we walking around my new neighborhood and discovered a large sunken park, as well as an old area of Berlin, where one of the buildings had a sign indicating it dated back to the 1620's.

This morning I saw a random installation of photographs hanging along the Warschauer Bridge. That kind of made my day. Everything was gone by noon, but still. The fact that things like that happen here makes me smile.

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