Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

I'll use goggles in the future

Last night I was trying to remove some badly placed staples from a stretcher bar (I was stretching a canvas) and the screwdriver I was using slipped and flew up into my eye. It happened fast and hard, and I was immediately afraid that I'd blinded myself. But the screwdriver had at least bounced off my eye and not stuck in it, and when I was finally able to open my eye I found that I could still see.

I'm currently sitting in a busy waiting room at an eye doctor's office. I imagine I just scratched my eye hurts like hell, kind of like there's a giant piece of sand stuck in it, but other than that it seems alright. People at work thought it looked swollen, so I decided to have it checked out.

So far the German health care system seems well run and pretty nice.

We'll see what the doctor has to say. I hope they give me a black eyepatch. Aarrrr

Here's the canvas I was working on (which I actually continued to work on after I'd poked myself in the eye. (Who ever let a little blindness get in the way of a job well done?)

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