Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

This weekend

I actually have things to do and parties to go to this weekend! My former roommate Alex, from when I was living with the Italians (although she is German), and her friend Andre are having a big birthday party this weekend at one of the clubs and I'm invited. Last night Alex sent out the password to get in the door, and I mean, if there's a password required to get in, you just KNOW it's going to be an interesting party, right?

Between that and the gallery opening on Thursday evening I doubt I'll be feeling too bored or lonely this weekend.

May 1st is this weekend too, and I guess it's a big deal over here. People tell me there are lots of parties that turn into riots?? It's Labour Day, but I get the feeling it's nothing like Labor Day in the States where we just barbeque and drink beer in the back yard. Should be interesting.

I got an email back from one of the breeders with baby parrots letting me know that there were still some babies available. AAaaarg it is hard to keep myself from replying "yes please omg I will take one of your bird babies and love it forever and ever."

At least I'm finally back in the swing of things after months of artistic hiatus. I was up late last night painting after my class, and I was up at the crack of dawn painting this morning. I need to stop by Boesner to get more yellow paint on my way home. Thanks to whoever it was on here (Subgirl?) who recommended Boesner to me – it's become one of my favourite* haunts.

* I have to use proper English spelling when I'm at work so I've got my spell check set to correct my Americanisms. Honestly, before coming here I didn't realise there was such a huge difference, but there IS.

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