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My studio is a mess these days with paint, brushes and torn cardboard all over the place, covering the floor and making it difficult to walk. To make things more interesting, the only lamp in the room is placed as far from the door as possible, so walking across the darkened room to turn it on, or exiting the room once I've turned it off presents an Xtreme challenge.

I'm focused on only one painting right now, 120 cm x 100 cm, which is generally larger than I've worked in the past. It's been a struggle so far, more of a series of experiments than a picture with a clear vision. I don't know what I'm doing. I change my mind about the piece daily. I want it dark. No, I want it bright. Shiny. No, dull. Straight lines... no, erratic. It's a learning piece and I feel like I'm turning a corner.

Paint isn't that expensive here, but in the quantities that I'm buying it the price quickly skyrockets. A couple weeks ago I spent over €300 at Bosener (that's about $450).

Last Friday was the big gallery weekend here in Berlin, and I went over to check out the Albert Oehlen show at Galerie Max Hetzler. It was a bunch of paintings he'd done back in 2004, as well as some recent collage work he'd collaborated on with a musician. I loved the paintings, but didn't care much for the collages. They looked so small and ordinary when paired with the enourmous paintings.

I don't have any plans for the weekend other than to paint, study German and clean. I'll probably go for some long walks if the weather is nice.

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