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The computer store here called yesterday and informed me that the logic board on my mac is indeed fried. I told them to salvage the hard drive and throw the rest in the recycling bin. So now I'm computerless at home, which I've been dealing with alright so far. I twiddle my thumbs, read books, nap, and work on my paintings. It's not so bad, really, in fact I feel a lot less stressed out. I don't have the money to get a new mac right now, so I'm going to have to start saving up. I think that if I'm careful and watch my budget I'll be able to get one in ... 5 months.

Wow that's a long time.

But I don't NEED a computer, not REALLY, and I'm a little curious if I can go that long and what it will be like. I've whittled so many hours away on the internet over the years, and I wonder what I could have accomplished by now if I'd focused on other things instead.

My apartment is much cleaner now that I don't have a computer... and I've been going to bed earlier. Of course, I've been painting more, too, still focused on the weird blue/green people:

(Yes, that is a word bubble coming out of the guy's head.)

I hung a curtain to put an end to the Sarah show. I'm sure my neighbors are sad now, but tough luck.

On Sunday I met up with a couple friends and wandered around in the old train yards by Warschauer Strasse, and the fleamarket that's over in there. It's a really cool area, full of abandoned structures:


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