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The patches of eczema on my face persist despite hydrocortisone, new makeup, and mild organic skin care products. So now come the dreaded changes in diet ... No dairy, no gluten ... To find out if they are the culprits. But I am so sick of this rash that I'll do anything at this point. I even read about an apple diet that's supposed to help where you eat only apples. I'm sick of this rash but I think the apple diet will be the absolute last thing I try.

I worked on my painting until I ran out of white paint and couldn't work any further. I lightened the sky back up and I like it better now - the dark swath behind the figures has transformed into landscape, and gives the piece a better sense of depth. I also fixed some things about the hat that were bugging me. It's still not finished, but I'm liking it a lot more now. Please excuse the crappy iPhone nature of this image, as I am still computer-challenged:

Friday night I was out until 5am at the weirdest club I've ever been at.The cover was 7 euros if you were just there for the night, and 13 if you wanted to stay the entire weekend (there were showers). They gave us maps and told us that no photos were allowed.

The place comprised a great deal of outdoor space, much of it covered with deep sand, bonfires, sofas, and beach chairs. There were random booths set up around the place that sold various things: coffee, pizza, beer.

Everything looked as though someone had gone into my brain and based the overall look and feel of the place on the dreams I have at night. There was a metal dragon high up on a post that breathed fire every now and then, and there was a special canopied chair, that when you sat and turned a crank it would slowly rotate and you could look through a tube that magnified everything below you - a circular moat filled with random things that became a fantastic landscape when seen magnified.

Inside the main building there was an amazing dj, and I danced my ass off. The great thing about the place was that it wasn't packed with tons of people - it certainly wasn't empty, but I got the feeling that it hasn't been "discovered" (and thereby ruined) as so many of the great places here have been.

I absolutely plan to go back.

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