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Back in Berlin

Salzburg was fabulous, and it was so good to see my friend D. On our last day together we went to see an amazing art exhibit and then hiked up one of the many mountains. The view was amazing, and we drank a couple beers when we reached the top. I was sad when we had to part ways, especially the next morning when I knew she had left on her early morning flight and I was on my own again.

My flight was at 7:20pm so I spent the day hiking around ruins of the old city wall up along the mountainside.

I also paid a visit to the Mozart Museum, which was in the building where he was born. It was a total tourist trap, and probably not worth the 7 Euros I paid to get in. There were some strands of hair that might have been his, furniture that was like the furniture he probably had, and then lots of stage drawings from productions of his operas, all from the 1800's. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. Plus there were large packs of bored, uninterested children with parents who had dragged them along.

Today I got a pair of pricey running shoes and some exercise/sweat pants. I thought it might be a good idea to give running a try; I walk a lot, but I almost never break a sweat or get my heart rate up. So I went out for a jog around 5pm this afternoon, but after only 10 minutes I decided to abort the mission. I had taken my entire ring of house keys with me and when I started running they made me sound like Santa's entire troupe of reindeer. On top of that it was rush hour so there were tons of people out, and I felt like everyone was craning their necks to catch a glimpse of the reindeer. Which made me feel really weird and self conscious, especially because I was gasping for air like someone who never breaks a sweat or gets their heart rate up.

I'll try again tomorrow morning without all the extra keys...

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