Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Giving in

I'm on my way to the Gravis store, which is the certified Apple dealer here in Berlin. I've moved the appropriate funds into my German bank account from my US account, and I know exactly what I want. It really sucks having to gouge my dwindling US savings for this, but I'm sick of not being able to communicate easily with people, sick of every song on my iPod, and want to move forward with computer related art projects. I made it a whole month and a half without one, though. Not bad.

I had hoped to be able to save more Euros over the past couple of months, but was cleared out by the Sclüsseldienst last week - 300 euros. I have a mild panic attack every time I close my door when leaving my apartment now, sure that it's going to cost 200 euros to be let back in.

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