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As far as I'm concerned, fall is already here in Berlin. We haven't had a day where it got over 75 degrees since before I went to Salzburg, and now there's a difference in the air and the light as well; it even smells like fall is here. People have been using their fireplaces on cool days and the scent of burning wood is unmistakable.

My tall boots fell apart on me a few weeks ago so I've been out searching for a new pair to replace them. I spent several hours browsing shoe stores this afternoon, but didn't see anything that caught my eye. I can't buy anything new until my next paycheck* anyway, so maybe it's a good thing.

I need to go through my clothes and get rid of the rags that no longer look good. I have what seems like tons of clothes, but in reality most of the things I have are worn out or fallen out of favour for one reason or another. I need to stop buying such cheap clothes that come apart after a few washings. It sucks that nice clothes cost so damn much, but maybe it's worth it in the end due to the mileage you get out of them.

Garden things were 50% off at Karstadt, so I got a bunch of nice flower pots as well as a glass vase and a candle. I'm trying to make my apartment feel more like 'home', and these little touches have helped quite a bit. I also picked up some ceramic drawer knobs which I think are the bee's knees.

Tomorrow is going to be spent cleaning and getting this place in order. I need to sift through everything and get rid of the things I don't need. This place is too small to have things I don't use or want taking up space.

If there's extra time I'll do some painting, but right now it's not the priority. I'm currently rethinking my art, so pushing ahead with projects I no longer believe in seems futile. I'm not dead inside, just hibernating.

*which will be on September 1st – we get paid monthly here instead of bi-weekly

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