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Life stuff

I finally have a life – that is, I'm finally on vacation now, so I've been able to do some things that are non-work related. When you work 75 hours a week you can't have a life, so I haven't really been posting too much aside from posts about the pigeon that landed in my lap.

For my birthday I did nothing. That was my gift to myself – to have no obligations of any kind. It was wonderful! I ignored emails, I didn't surf the internet, I didn't answer texts or my phone when it rang. I've been working too hard doing too many things and I really needed a day where I didn't have to do ANYTHING, so that's exactly what I did: nothing. I read a book, ate good food, and took long naps.

Since then I have re-arranged my furniture and cleaned my apartment. Now I have more space to paint and am much happier in this apartment.

On Sunday, with the help of two daring adventurer-friendly friends, I tried to explore an abandoned ice factory. Unfortunately, we were unable to find an easy way in (a gate that is normally open during the week was not open on Sunday when we tried to gain entrance). We tried to find other ways in, but were not successful.

Here is a photograph of my accomplices – my very good friends – F and A:

We had a good time exploring the old bombed out and much-partied-in surroundings, and then after wandering around for a few hours settled in a warm cafe for coffee and cake. It was a good day despite the fact that we never got inside the old factory.

Today I worked in my newly arranged studio on a couple of paintings with Rasputin, my pigeon friend.

She's sitting on some pine branches I got for my balcony but have not yet put outside. The jars and bottle are waiting to be taken down to the recycling bins. I put a frying pan filled with water down there so she could take a bath if she wanted to, but so far she hasn't.

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