Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

On Wednesday night I went to see Rammstein play live at the giant O2 Arena here in Berlin. I arrived late so I wouldn't have to sit through the opening act and got to my seat JUST as Rammstein began their dramatic opener. There were tons of explosions and plumes of fire, and I could feel the heat on my face even from where I was in the balcony. I've actually never seen such an intense show before in my life, and the sound was incredible. I wish I could have captured the energy in the air that night – it was so raw and powerful.

Yesterday I went to a nearby pet store and bought a bunch of stuff for my pigeon: A little nest/bed thing that's meant for guinea pigs, a bag of peanuts, and a UVA/UVB lamp so she gets enough vitamin D.

I've discovered that pigeons are much smarter than I originally thought... I used to think they were kind of dumb, but now I know better.

I have to feed her three medications that I need to administer deep down her throat into her crop (bird stomach) via plastic syringes. She HATES this and fights me the entire time, making it very difficult for me. The first time I gave her the medicine it all went well and I was very proud of myself. However, the second time, when I left the room to wash my hands, I came back to find that she had puked up all the medicine. I was too exhausted to repeat the whole syringe-into-stomach battle a second time, so I just let it go and went to bed. The next day when I gave her the medicine I watched her for 15 minutes afterwards to make sure she was okay and able to keep the medicine down. She looked fine, so I ducked out to get a snack from the fridge, and AGAIN came back to find bird puke all over the floor... but this time I could see that she KNEW what she was doing, and that she had WAITED for me to leave so she could puke without me stopping her. So last night after I gave her the doses I held her on my lap for a full half hour so the medicine had more time to be absorbed. FINALLY I was successful and she did not puke :)

Other than the daily medicine battle it is really fun having her with me. Yesterday I put a frying pan filled with warm water on the floor and she laid down in it like a duck, very happy to have a hot bath (sooo cute).

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