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I'm thinking of moving into a bigger, better space in the near future. I saw a few places online that I'd like to check out, especially a storefront space that looked like it would be perfect for me. The front opens onto the street and is separated from the back by a door and hallway – I love this feature, because it would easy to invite people over for a studio visit or host openings/events, and not have them all into my private stuff, which I could keep in the (equally large) back room. It's listed at a great price, so I'm going to investigate.

A friend of mine is visiting Berlin in June and I'd like to have a 'real' home by then... my current home has always kind of felt like a placeholder for something better. Last year I didn't have the time, resources or language skills to find the perfect place for myself, so this is where I ended up. It's served me well, but I think it's time to start looking for something that suits me better.

I've been working on some drawings in the evenings, as well as this piece, which I started over the summer but never finished:

Boil the Bandages
mixed media on canvas

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