Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Subletting rhymes with Bloodletting

I posted to an email list for scholars looking for apartment sublets in Berlin yesterday and already have three replys from people interested in renting my place.

You can see my little online advert for the place here.

Those pictures were all taken before my things from Chicago got here, and before I had any furniture, so they really show the place off, kind of like apartment Glamour Shots. It will take no small amount of effort to get the place cleaned up, as the studio is currently in utter chaos with canvases, paint and paper littering the floor, and the floors throughout need a good mopping due to me constantly forgetting to take my snowy boots off after arriving home. It's nice to have snow here in Berlin finally, though.

I'll need to get cracking immediately when I get home tonight – people want to come by tomorrow to view the place. I also need to get boxes and mad amounts of packing tape. Woo-hoo, bring it on.

Several people have offered to help me move, but I like my friends and don't want them to suffer on my behalf, so I've arranged for a moving service to haul my stuff over to the new place. That's happing at 8:30am, Saturday March 3rd. Exciting stuff, and I hope it all goes well.

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